Fore! Window Decal



Let people know you are a HKR Golfer and proud of it.

Add this decal to your ride, your (own) golf cart or stake claim to your wife’s car. This custom cut white decal will adhere to the exterior to glass or any smooth surface.

If placing the decal on your vehicle window, keep it clear of any high-traffic-window-ice-scraping area. Canadians will know what we mean.

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The Golf Shirt

Otherwise known as the sleeved-and-collared-tank top

A golfer’s tan is a badge of honour.

When somebody asks “Have you played golf much this summer?

Look them straight in the eye, smile and show them the famous white bicep of a proud golfer. If need be, you can wear the tank top under the HKR Golf Shirt if it makes you more comfortable.

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