S.U.S. Yardage Towel


The most helpful towel you will ever own.

Bet you never thought a towel could be so useful. Except coming out of the shower and there isn’t one and you have to use the bath mat. The waffle towel features 2 designs on one each end.

  • One end of this towel has a club distance chart to help you with club selection. Very helpful, no?
  • Now, the other end of this towel, probably the most helpful feature … S.U.S. SELL US SUDS! Nothing worse than being ignored by the beverage cart on the course. Just drape the S.U.S. over the windshield (make sure you can see ahead of you) or the front of your golf cart to indicate to the beverage cart driver that yer thirsty.

This waffle towel also a slit in the middle to drape over a club head in your bag.

BONUS FEATURE: If the slit also fits over your head. You can also use it as a bib to keep the mustard from your smokie from the half-way house (clubhouse) after the turn.

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The Fore! Knit Tuque features:

  • Towel Size: 99 cm x 43 cm (39" x 17")
  • One Size
  • Heat-press Branding. Logos will not come off in dryer or crack.

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