Fore! HKR Hoodie | Grey


The HKR Hoodie

A hooded sweatshirt is not something you normally wear while golfing. But you will be happy you have one handy if the weather turns sour on the course. Not to mention, and maybe you didn’t realize this, but a hoodie can be at other times too.

The HKR Hoodie features a contrasting colour inside the hood.

The HKR Golf logo is on the back of the right shoulder, the silhouetted pissed golfer is on the sleeve and a large “Fore!” emblazoned across the chest. Let people know you golf and that from time to time you might not make the perfect shot. But you are human … you are a HKR!

*See additional information about PRODUCT SIZING in the DESCRIPTION below.


Currently we only stock two sizes: Large (L) and Extra Large (XL).

We do not stock other sizes but will certainly have them made for you. it will be treated as a pre-paid order. Order as normal but please allow for 7 to 10 days before your item is shipped. If you are ordering other in-stock items, they will be shipped as normal.

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