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Look Good | Playing Bad

HKR Golf Apparel was started by a couple of avid golfers here in Canada. One of us plays golf as much as he can and is a 10 handicap. The other doesn’t play as much and isn’t very good (his words), but he loves the game of golf too.

We saw an overcrowded golf apparel market and thought let’s make it even more crowded.

The difference … we want to sell products. Sell quality golf products at a reasonable price.

Neither of us wants to shell out $80+ for a golf polo or over $100 for a long sleeve zip pullover.

So we thought we would start a clothing line for golfers who are just starting out or are … ah… well … cheap like us.

HKR Golf Apparel
Look Good | Playing Bad

We are the ‘brand-before’the-brand’.  It is inevitable that the better you get at golf, that you will want to start wearing the likes of TaylorMade, Adidas, NIKE, and so on. That’s ok, we want you to get better.

Our goal is to offer the best quality products we can that you, the HKR can afford. We are wearing this stuff too.



What is the difference between a “HACKER” and a “HKR”

Golfers are people. People have personalities.

We’re not trying to stereotype people here. Profile people. Everyone is different.

We understand that everyone has issues, personalities, tempers, etc.

But most of us play on ‘public golf courses‘.

Public golf courses are either owned by an individual or by a town or city. Golf courses are very expensive to develop and maintain.

Did you know a proper golf green costs about $100,000 to make? So if you are playing on a 9 or 18 hole course, the greens alone cost $900,000 to $1.8 million dollars.

Now add in the tee boxes, fairways, bunkers, trees, shrubs, clubhouse, golf carts, and all of the mowers, and equipment it takes to run, develop and maintain a golf course.

Unfrottunealty there is always a group of golfers out there that can ruin it for the rest of us. These golfers are typically known as hackers.

We plan to help change that. We are catering our brand to the hakker. So what is the difference between a ‘hacker’ and a ‘hakker’?

What is a Hacker Golfer


  • The HACKER golfer is the person who plays golf once, maybe twice a year.
  • Wants to wear jean cut-off shorts, a tank top (politically safe word), or no shirt. Wants to play barefoot.
  • The Hacker thinks that just because he has a set of clubs (stolen or otherwise) and because he pays for a round of golf that the course is now his. To do what he wants, when he wants.
  • They don’t care about other golfers on the course (who have also paid by the way).
  • He thinks that the golf cart is a toy and there are no rules and can drive it anywhere. Hit things with it. Drive it on the green. Drive it into the trees.
  • The Hacker golfer drinks like he has been lost at sea for 10 years and assumes its ok.
  • The Hacker golfer is loud, disrespectful to other golfers, the golf course, and himself. It’s also probably the first time he has seen grass … the kind below his feet.
What is a HKR Golfer?


  • The HKR golfer plays golf 1 to 10 to 20 times a season
  • Has used or new golf equipment
  • May, or may not use a golf glove or golf shoes
  • He respects the golf course and all of its equipment
  • He respects other golfers and himself
  • The HKR golfer drinks on the course but remembers he still has to drive home
  • The HKR golfer gets mad at missing a shot and may throw his club or even break it over his knee. But it’s his club.
  • Wants to play more golf. Wants to get better at golf.

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