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There are few sports that have as much equipment as golf.

Now granted, depending on your experience with golf you may not have as much golf stuff as someone who has been golfing 25 years or more. You may also have better self-control when it comes to buying golf stuff.

Things to do with old golf clubs

If you are a golfer, chances are you have some old golf clubs lying around. Before you consider just throwing them out, there are several things you can do with them.

  • Try selling them online, locally, or in a garage sale
  • Donate them to a youth group
  • If they are golf irons, recycle them as they are metal
  • or better yet, repurpose them!
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Have an idea or something you make for golf or with old golf equipment?

If you are one of the creative, crafty types that like to make stuff from old golf equipment or for golfers, reach out to us and we will help promote your product.

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