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Professional Logo Design for the Golf Industry

Golf Business, Golf Course, Personal Golf Brand

Is it time to upgrade your golf course logo? Is it currently clipart from Microsoft Word? Is it a “borrowed” image of the web? Does it look like it was made the day after golf was invented?

Do you have a golf business?

  • Golf Teacher or Pro?
  • Golf Club Equipment or Equipment Refinishing?
  • Golf Cart Rentals Business?

Your brand is everything. It makes you look professional and it can help sell more merchandise in the pro shop.

Nothing can hurt your business faster than an unprofessional looking brand.

If it’s time for new or an upgrade, let the professional designers at HKR Golf design your new brand.


You don’t need to be on tour to have your own personal golf brand

For just $35, the designers at HKR Golg will turn your initials into your very own golf brand. You will receive the logo in different formats to add to your email signature, or have made into different items such as:

  • Logoed Golf Balls
  • Poker Chip Ball Marker
  • Vinyl decal for your vehicle or laptop

BONUS. When ordering clothing from HKR Golf, for just $5 we will add your brand to our products.

Imagine the envy of your golf buddies when you show up on the first tee decked out in your own golf brand.

Are you an avid or addicted golfer? Want your own golf brand?

Like to show off and look your best? Why not have your own golf brand like Tiger or Jordan?

Nothing better than walking up to the first tee. Pulling a custom branded golf ball out and teeing it up in front of your entourage and hitting it … in the bushes.

We can help you with a professional brand for your personal golf brand. Usually, a stylish logo involving your initials.

HKR Golf Affordable Golf Apparel

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Custom Clothing
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The initials T and P in the hex shape from the dimples of a golf ball.


A roll of toilet paper is also referred to as “TP”. If you want a logo to represent your nickname or initials.

D. A.

An interlocking lowercase letter ‘d’ and ‘a’.

D. J.

The initials D and J. The D is a putter and it is ‘putting” the dot (ball) of the J into the ‘hole’.

C. C.

Two C’s shaped into the HEX shape.

Personalize Our Products

Once your logo or initials have been made, we can add them to our products. The CC has been added to our Sun Burnt Orange Fore! Hat.

D. A.

An interlocking lowercase letter ‘d’ and ‘a’.

Personalize Our Products

Once your logo or initials have been made, we can add them to our products. The DK has been added to our Powder Blue Sky Fore! Hat.

Let the crew at HKR Golf design a logo/brand.

For your golf business, golf course or for your own personal brand.

Ready to have a custom brand design for your golf business?

Please fill out the form here to start the process. Depending on which services you have chosen, we will send you a quick questionnaire to ask a few questions. The more we know about your business, the colors you like and don’t like, the faster we can get to your finished product.

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