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ISSUE | MAY 2021


This month’s cover model or BRO is Todd Lemus.

Todd is a Retired US Coast Guard, Happily Married! Love Golf! Yankees, 49ers, NBA, and a very Proud father of 5.

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Which should you play?

I am sure there have been times when you needed (or wanted) golf balls. Let’s be honest…it’s impossible to play a round of golf without a ball! But, as you perused the big-box chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, or PGA Tour Superstore, you most likely saw a price tag that was a little hard to swallow. Especially if you are a golfer who tends to lose a few balls per round.

A brand-new dozen balls can cost upwards of $50.00 (USD) per dozen. That is over $4.00 per golf ball! If you lose 3 balls per round, you just threw away $12.00 only for them to be recovered by golf ball recovery companies, or golf course residents, who will then sell them for about $1.50 per ball. That is a $4.50 profit for the finder. There is an enormous secondary market for used golf balls. In fact, there are an estimated 400 million lost golf balls that are ready to be found. If we use the figures from above and conservatively estimate that 10% of recovered balls are in mint condition, that is a revenue stream of $6.0 million dollars!

Many of us will come across a Pro V1, a TP5, or a Tour B XS when searching for our errant shots. And the chances of putting that ball into play is more likely than not. This is where recycled balls come into play. You may have noticed these balls at your local golf course or an internet pro shop, and it made you think “Why would I play a used ball”? But playing recycled balls is not a bad idea for the cost conscience golfer. And, according to studies by websites like,, and, there is a minimal chance these recycled balls will lose any performance capabilities if they have been submerged for less than one year. And balls that are found in colder water (think Michigan) can be submerged longer than one year. Due to the solid core technology and advanced cover materials used today, golf balls can withstand weeks in the water and come out just fine – at least for casual play. But, if you are playing a PGA qualifier, break out the new sleeve!

Golf ball recovery companies generally have contracts with various courses throughout their area and often make their runs in the same locations. This means the balls are not spending a lot of time in the water. And, if balls are recovered from courses like Pebble Beach, chances are they are top brand balls. After recovery, the balls are cleaned and put back into play. But be sure to ask how they are cleaned because using harsh chemicals can break down the outer layer quicker than if someone were to use soap and hot water. After the cleaning has been completed, recovery companies usually sell them at wholesale prices to pro shops which are then sold back to people like us. So now we are paying for a golf ball twice!

Recycled balls come in various grades and the higher the grade or brand, the higher the price. Some golf ball recovery companies differ with their grading scales, but the balls are mainly placed into four categories. The grading list below will give you an idea of what you could expect from a used ball so look for these grades when purchasing your next dozen. Ordinarily, grades 5A and 4A will be tour caliber balls like Bridgestone, Callaway, Titleist, and Taylormade.

  • 5A – “Mint”
    • Appear and feel similar to a new ball (often called “one-hit wonders”)
    • Will show no or very little wear.
    • Player pen markings or corporate logos of all shapes and sizes can be present.
  • 4A – “Near Mint”
    • Condition is similar to a ball that has been played for a few holes.
    • Player pen markings corporate logos of all shapes and sizes can be present.
    • Slight cosmetic blemishes, discoloration or loss of luster are possible.
  • 3A – “Good”
    • Free of cuts but may have slight scuffs, blemishes, minor discoloration, and smudged print.
    • Higher-grade x-outs and practice models may be included.
    • Player pen markings corporate logos of all shapes and sizes can be present.
  • Shag – “Hit-away”
    • May show excessive wear including cuts, abrasions, missing print, and major discoloration.
    • Balls may include low-tier brands like range balls, Top Flite, Slazenger, Dunlop, and others.
    • Great for practicing in the backyard or hitting over water.

If you still find yourself debating whether you should use a recycled golf ball, ask yourself this question. Do you put a new ball down on the course for every shot?

When a ball is hit once, it is now classified as a used ball. If you do insist that used golf balls are not for you, then we will send you a thank you note for being one of our suppliers.

Brian C. Tribbett
Tampa Pro Shop

Tampa Pro shop Buy Golf Balls Online



This month’s cover model is Shaun MacQuarrie from Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

Shaun competes in the Amateur Long Drive Competition and is an ambassador for PlayersFuel.

Shaun is modeling the HKR Golf Black Fore! Polo Shirt. With the custom S-Mac logo, we made for him on the right sleeve.

He started golfing at age 5 with a natural ability for the long ball. Started competing in Long Drive in 2016, and got his best finish 5th place at the 2020 ILDC Canadian Amateur Championship.

His longest drive is 371 Yards. The short-term goal is to make the 2021 Amateur Long Drive World Championship in Chicago this September.

He’s competing in Z Long Drive Events and the possibility of ILDC and PLDA for 2021. Sights are set on reaching 200mph ball speed and improving on that to eventually make the switch to pro.

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What started out as one of the worst rounds of my life, turned into one of the greatest achievements I have ever accomplished during a round of golf. The course was Diamond Hill Golf Club in Dover, Florida.

Dover is approximately 45 minutes southeast of Tampa and is the home to many old phosphate mines. As a matter of fact, the course itself is built on an old mine. Diamond Hill Golf Club boasts a measurement of 7002 yards from the longest tees with a slope rating of 135 and a USGA course rating of 73.8. It also has some of the longest par fives in the state! Built in 1959, by architect Chic Adams, Diamond Hill offers a unique terrain and undulation not common in Florida. The design is a challenge to the better player, while open enough for the average player to have a great time as well. The latter is where I fit in!

When playing winter golf in Florida, we try to avoid the early morning tee times because of dynamic pricing and the snowbirds. Snowbirds are folks from the north that come to Florida to escape the four months of winter up north. But we also try to avoid the alligator sanctuaries that seem to be present at every pond, on every course.

On January 31st, 2021, it was a common Tampa, Florida winter day…45 degrees at sunrise, 60 degrees by 10am and 80 degrees by 2pm. We teed off at 11:27am so the weather was perfect! The hole was their par three 15th. This hole measures 145 yards from the white tees and requires a flyover of water. But it’s a straight shot at the green. The wind was in our face at about 17 knots (or 20 miles per hour for the land lovers) so I grabbed my 6 iron because the hole was playing long.

The three guys in our group all hit before me because I am the highest handicap, so I always go last! They all landed their ball on the green without a problem. It was now my turn and the pressure was on! I was already playing poorly but I wanted to end the round on a good note and to show the guys that I can play a decent round of golf at times. With three sets of eyes on me, I stride up to the tee box and elevate my ball a little higher than normal. I wanted to be sure I got under it and would at least carry the water. So, I take my stance, stare down at the pin several times, and then take my backswing. The backswing felt a little off (probably the pressure of the group) and my follow-through was not much better. I swung downwards and topped the ball. As my ball skipped across the pond, the fourth skip hit a sunbathing gator!

The skip off of the gator did not seem to bother him. But it did bother ME! Not because I hit the gator (those things are indestructible) but it was because my ball landed about 5 feet away from it. How was I going to pitch onto the green with a gator in my path?? Looking toward the other three guys I said just that! But they responded with “play it where it lies”.

As a right-handed golfer, the gator was positioned to my back. There was no way I was going to trust a gator I could not see! So, I break out the “old man stick” (better known as a ball retriever), extend it as far as it will extend, and scooped up my ball from about 12 feet away. The gator never moved. I take a drop to a safer distance but also had to take a penalty stroke thanks to the unforgiving nature of my friends. I pitch on from about 80 yards out and then one putt from about 20 feet for the most gratifying bogey of my life.

Brian C. Tribbett
Tampa Pro Shop



This month’s cover model is Jackson Nunn from the UK.

Jackson is modeling the HKG Golf “Fore!” HUD (Hoodie). Featuring a contrast color inside the hood and hood drawstrings. With FORE! on the front and HKR Golf on the back right shoulder.

A retired rugby player, gym rat, golfer, and aspiring model. Jacks is an ambassador for PlayersFuel.

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