Buy Leather Golf Gloves for Cheap

Premium 100% Leather Golf Gloves for just $11


Buy Golf Gloves for Cheap

Looking for quality, leather golf gloves?

HKR Golf and Groove Golf have partnered to provide quality golf gloves to the HKR-Nation.

Buy one glove for now for $22 USD or Sign up & Save to have a new golf glove shipped to you for only $11 USD, the first one is just $5 USD!

No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

You can choose how often you need a new golf glove.

  • Every 2 weeks …
  • 3 weeks …
  • 4 weeks …
  • 5 weeks …
  • 10 weeks


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There are 2 different glove styles:

  • Regular and
  • Flex

With 3 different logos (Eagle 2 Under, Dropping Bombs, and Golf Star).

The golf gloves are available in the following sizes:

  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Medium/Large (M/L)
  • Large (L)
  • and Extra Large (XL)

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Cheap Leather Golf Gloves

Leather Golf Gloves

Subscribe and Save

How the Glove Subscription works …

  • Gloves are automatically delivered on your schedule.
  • No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.
  • The first glove is only $5. Each glove after will be only $11
  • Always FREE Shipping

Buy golf gloves cheaper than in the proshop.


Cheap Golf Gloves Online Eagle
Cheap Golf Gloves Online Bomb
Cheap Golf Gloves Online Star

Do I need to wear a Golf Glove?

Do I need to wear a golf glove?

Golf gloves are not required but you should wear a glove.


A golf glove is tackier than your skin. Particularly in hot weather when your hands are sweaty. , A golf glove helps prevent the club from turning in your hands. Golf gloves also help create more friction between the grip and the gloved hand.

Golf gloves also help prevents blisters and callouses.

Golfers with loose grips may find gloves particularly useful. In fact, you should have a loose grip on the golf club. The looser the grip, the more flexibility you will have in your swing. This will allow for faster clubhead speed and more distance in your shots.

A golf glove is for the “lead” hand. Right-handed players wear a glove on the left hand. Left-handed players most often wear a glove on the right hand.

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