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Ball Mark Repair Tool & Ball Marker

Golf is challenging because you are seldom o level ground. Your ball is above your feet, or below your feet. You’re stuck in an old divot on the fairway, in a bunker, or deep in a ditch that is not even on the course.

But there is one place that should be more perfect than any other spot on the course. The green, the dancefloor, that thing you’re aiming for all the time. Help keep the green smooth and ball-mark-free.

It’s a badge of honor to have to fix a ball mark on the green. It means you played your approach shot correctly. Mark your ball with your marker and then saunter over to your ball mark and casually repair it like you have done this before. While your playing partners are still trying to get on the green. Probably trying to put it onto the green.

See The Best Way To Fix A Pitch Mark on The Green | Courtesy of Golf Monthly


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Yes, we know you are excited you are finally on the green. But as you walk up to your ball, look around to see where the ball hit the green. If you see a ball mark or divot, then fix it. All ball markers have the HKR Golf logo on the flipside.

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