HKR Decision Disc


Depending on who you are golfing with you may not need to worry about which one of you shoots first. But if you are playing for money or pride, then you may want to put the pressure on someone.

In golf, the player who “wins” a hole will typically shoot first off the next tee. But on the first tee who goes first?? That’s where the HKR Golf Disc comes into play. Stand in a circle and spin this disc to the ground. It will decide who goes first, second, third and fourth.

But don’t put it away after that. This disc can make more decisions throughout your round.

  • Who buys the first round of drinks on the course?
  • Who buys the first round of drinks after the round?
  • Who buys breakfast before the round?
  • Who drives next weekend to golf?

Don’t stop there. Use it for all of life’s decisions when there are 4 options.

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Custom 3D printed golf discs come in white or black plastic. The disc can be purchased plain (no added colour)  or they can be hand coloured. See the samples and let us know which colour you want.

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