Nice Divot! | White Polo

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Nice Divot!

Technically you are supposed to take a divot … but usually only with your irons and wedges. But with a driver? That takes skill.

Taking a divot with a driver can be embarrassing but when the tee fly’s further than ball that is another level of embarrassing. If you’ve done it, then this shirt allows you to show off your accomplishments. That’s right…stand there proud as you pick up your tee, ball and dignity. March right back to the tee box and tee it up again.

Question is … do you count that stroke when you score the hole?


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The Golf Shirt

Otherwise known as the sleeved-and-collared-tank top

A golfer’s tan is a badge of honour.

When somebody asks “Have you played golf much this summer?

Look them straight in the eye, smile and show them the famous white bicep of a proud golfer. If need be, you can wear the tank top under the HKR Golf Shirt if it makes you more comfortable.