The Untuckables


Fuck-it. Untuck-it.

Do you wear tucked shirts all day long? Feeling too restrictive, uncomfortable, stuffy?

It’s time to play relaxed. The HKR Golf line of Untuckables Golf Polos. Made a little longer to cover the exposed ass-crack when squatting to judge the break on your putt.

The Untuckable Polo is branded with the HKR Golf brand on the collar and 4! on the chest.  also helps you with the bulge in your shorts … no not that bulge.

Instead of carrying your wallet in your back pocket, or worse front pocket, just carry cash or a debit or credit card in the zippered back right-side pocket. The “Fore! Since 1857” is also branded just below the pocket in case you have an ugly ass, this will hopefully draw eyes away from that.

*See additional information about PRODUCT SIZING in the DESCRIPTION below.

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  • UV protection performance
  • 100% polyester jacquard back interlock,
  • Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial
  • Coffee charcoal deodorizing performance
  • Heat seal decoration and label
  • Self-fabric collar with collar stand
  • Back right-side pocket with reverse coil zipper


Currently we only stock two sizes: Large (L) and Extra Large (XL).

We do not stock other sizes but will certainly have them made for you. it will be treated as a pre-paid order. Order as normal but please allow for 7 to 10 days before your item is shipped. If you are ordering other in-stock items, they will be shipped as normal.

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Black, Oak Moss, Electric Blue


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The Golf Shirt

Otherwise known as the sleeved-and-collared-tank top

A golfer’s tan is a badge of honour.

When somebody asks “Have you played golf much this summer?

Look them straight in the eye, smile and show them the famous white bicep of a proud golfer. If need be, you can wear the tank top under the HKR Golf Shirt if it makes you more comfortable.