Do you have an old pair of shoes that are still good but you never wear anymore? Turn them into golf shoes.

If you are just starting out with golf and don’t have $80+ for a pair of golf shoes or you can’t find a pair that fits as well as those old sneakers then GolfKicks are for you.

For $32.00 (USD) you receive:

  • 20 Soft Spikes – plenty to do an adult size pair of shoes plus 4 extra
  • Sharpie – for mapping traction on your soles and customizing golfballs
  • HEX hand tool – for installing cleats into soles
  • HEX bit – if you have a drill this is the way to go

The spikes are available in 7 different colors. BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, LIGHT GRAY, NEON ORANGE, NEON RED, and TRANSLUCENT (Ice).

How to mount your Golfkicks spikes on your sneakers.

Use a flat rubber sole, map layout with an included sharpie, screw-in cleats with included hex driver tool until snug/flat against the sole.

Use Shoe Goo for flexible soles like Vans and flipflops