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Just what the world needed …Yet another golf apparel brand.

But … when you love golf and are too cheap to pay $120 (or more) for a long-sleeve pullover or $80+ for a polo we saw a niche.

No wonder you see so many hacker golfers on golf courses wearing jeans, tank-tops, or worse.

Our mission, our lifestyle, for the HKR Golf brand, is to create an affordable line of quality golf apparel and golf accessories. To also help golfers transition from the hacker to a HKR.

HKR Golf Affordable Golf Apparel
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If you are shopping here … you already have clubs.

We have everything else you need to


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Everyone loves to accessorize and golfers are not any different. You don’t have to try them on, there are no sizes, you just buy and use.


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You can try and golf naked, but we doubt you will finish the first hole before being escorted off the course … or maybe if they are polite, to their pro shop.


Helping hackers become HKR’s. Helping the game of golf in Canada and anywhere in the world. Providing golf resources to all levels of golfers.

Ever heard the term … “the clothes make the man”?

There are a lot of stereotypes about golf and golfers. That golfers are wearing knickers, argyle socks, sweater vests, and the ‘newsboy’ style hat. The myth of the ‘country club’ … people driving high-end cars, walking around with monocles, caddies, and using a new ball on every shot.

Well, that part might be true. We don’t belong to a country club.

Golf is like any other sport. You wear a uniform.

  • You don’t see quarterbacks playing shirtless.
  • NASCAR drivers wear overalls with logos all over them.
  • UFC fighters aren’t wearing flip-flops
  • Hunters don’t walk around in tank tops
  • SCUBA divers aren’t wearing jeans.

Golf is the same. 

Respect the Game. Respect the Sport. Respect other golfers.

Do you think you will look stupid at the golf course wearing shorts and a golf polo?

Think again. Golf is a great sport but also a weird sport. Weird in the sense that almost any golf clothing is accepted except for jean cut-offs, bare feet and tank tops or no top/shirt.

There are plenty of options for golf clothing, including HKR Golf.

Imagine yourself on a beach and some overweight, hairy dude walks by and plants himself near you wearing only a speedo. You probably won’t stay there long. No one wants to see that.

Golf Scenario One

A HACKER (a golfer not wearing proper golf attire) steps up to the tee.

With other golfers watching on the first tee, the “hacker” swings and duffs it 15 feet ahead.

Response from other golfers: “son-of-a-bitch, this is going to hold us up all day long.”

Golf Scenario Two

A HKR (a golfer in proper golf attire) steps up to the tee.

With other golfers watching on the first tee, the “hakker” swings and duffs it 15 feet ahead.

Response: “oooh … poor dude, he’s off to a bad start”.

Fore Since 1875

Why do golfers shout Fore!?

The study of the word origin for the word “Fore!” is not absolutely certain.

The Oxford English Dictionary records its first use in 1878 as a warning cry to people in front of a golf stroke. People believe it is an abbreviation of the word ‘before’.

There is an earlier reference in 1857 in a glossary of golf terms.

In the early days of golf … golfers used what is now commonly called a ‘fore-caddie’. A fore-caddie would walk in front of the golfers, where the ball was expected to land to help find the ball. Very similar to marshals in pro golf tournaments today.

Golfers would shout ‘Forecaddie!’, (who would always be some distance ahead) to draw attention to the fact the ball was coming their way. and, in time, this was shortened to just ‘Fore!‘.


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