HKR Golf Shipping Information

We all love to shop online and just have the product shipped to us at home. A lot of people, including ourselves, often abandon products in a shopping cart once we see the cost of shipping.

Because of that, and because we want to keep costs as low as possible, we are currently only shipping our products via Canada Post.

Also due to COVID-19 and the priority of medical supplies and emergency supplies, couriers have increased their pricing for non-essential deliveries. When this changes we will look into offering courier services such as FedEx or UPS.

Also, due to COVID-19 and because we have just launched our product line in June of 2020 we are only selling our products within Canada.

If you are outside of Canada and love our products and really would like to buy something, please contact us using the form or by social media to let us know of your genuine interest.

Hacker Golf


Orders are processed and collected from Monday to Friday. We’re probably golfing on the weekends.


Please note price reverts to Canadian (CDN) funds at checkout as we are Canadian based. Your transaction will be charged in your local currency.

The final price will be calculated upon checkout.

If orders are undeliverable for any reason (not collected, customs taxes not paid for instance) and returned to us, we can only re-send if a second shipping charge is paid by the customer.


At the time of our product launch (June 2020), we are only selling our products in Canada. We are using Canada Post for all deliveries.

Anticipated delivery is 2 to 15 days, depending on your location in Canada. Local pickup or local couriers are available if you are in the Regina, SK area.

If your order hasn’t arrived in the expected time please contact us at

*Factors outside of HKR Golf control including but not limited to, weather, customs delays, or any other unforeseeable circumstances may cause delays on expected delivery times.

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We use SQUARE as our eCommerce gateway.