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Golf is better played with others. You can play by yourself but no one will see your good shots … but no one will see the bad shots either.
But a major part of golf is getting outside with friends and chatting throughout the round. But sometimes that isn’t enough.
There are some games that you can play to help add a bit more excitement to the game. It can also help keep you focused on your game.
Sure you can always play straight up for a couple of bucks. But sometimes that isn’t always fair if you aren’t as good as your playing partners.
Sometimes you also don’t want to play for score. You might want to go golf and not worry about individual scores. You can play some games that let you compete against others. Without worrying about individual scores.
The following golf games can also help your group play faster.
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No, it is not devil worship.

Often when you have money on the line in golf, it can cause fights amongst friends. There’s is always a point in any competition where the trash-talkin’ can be too much. It can cause animosity amongst friends … especially if a bit of booze is also involved.

Not very often that all 4 players in your foursome are of the same caliber. If they are, it is rare that all 4 players are playing well on the same day. So this game will help keep the friendship throughout the round. It will also encourage good sportsmanship amongst all 4 players.

The 18 holes of golf you are about to play, breaks down into 3 mini-tournaments of 6 holes. Regardless of who you roll up with on the first hole, start your round with teams by players in each cart.

You must play with four golfers. If you are riding in carts, the usual format is:

  • First 6 Holes: ‘carts’ (those in the same cart),
  • 2nd 6 holes: ‘drivers’ (those who are driving), and
  • Last 6 holes: ‘opposites’ (a driver and a passenger).

Your cart will compete against the other players in the other cart for the first 6 holes. Your individual scores per cart will determine who wins each hole.

For example: in cart 1, the 2 players each shoot 5 making a 10. The 2 other players score a 5 and a 6, scoring an 11. So cart 1 is “up” one hole with 5 to play.

After 6 holes you determine which cart won. Then you switch up the teams. If you want, you can move your clubs from cart to cart to let teams ride together to strategize but it is not necessary.

You play the next 6 holes this way and switch it up again for the last 6 holes. This game encourages all players to play together as a team. It also encourages players to keep all players motivated.

If you see a player on the other team struggling, you will want to encourage them throughout the round. You don’t want them to get too down as you will be playing with them in one of the other 6 hole matches.

At the end of the round, add up the scores for all 3 matches to determine a winner. If you are playing for money, you can pay out … chances are, you will all come out even or very close. Best of all you all remain friends regardless of who actually wins.

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