Golf Iron Hat Rack

Hang those Hats and Towels
Golf Club Hat Rack


Golf Club Rack

Hang Golf Hats, Towels, Jackets & more

Golfers have hats, it seems to be an addiction … but it’s better than the other things one can be addicted to.

One of the problems with having so many hats is keeping them organized. One cool idea to help with that is this rack. It makes use of old golf irons.

If you have some skills and old golf irons lying around, make yourself a rack (or two) for all your hats, towels, and golf clothes.

If you don’t have old clubs, the necessary skills, or patience, to make your own, you can buy them online, including this Etsy store.

If you do make your own, don’t throw out the shafts, you can make a Campfire Fork with the golf shafts.

Have an idea or something you make for golf or with old golf equipment?

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