Get S'more Use of that Old Golf Club

Golf Club Campfire Fork

Use that old club S’more …

If you are a camper or backyard arsonist, you probably also enjoy a fire-roasted hot dog, marshmallow, or s’mores.

Turn those old irons into a campfire fork.

  • Simply cut off the head of the iron
    • Save that head for this project
  • Insert an old fork. You may have to trim down the handle to insert it into the hollow shaft of the club
  • If you can weld, then weld the fork to the shaft.
    • There may be other ways to secure the fork to the shaft such as a rivet

If you don’t have old clubs or the tools required to make them yourself, you can buy them on this Etsy Store.

If you do make your own Campfire Forks, don’t throw the heads of those irons away. You make yourself a Golf Iron Hat Rack.

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