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Cheap Golf Laser Rangefinders

Looking for a high-quality golf rangefinder for a low price?

The compact and easy-to-use laser rangefinder (for golf or hunting).

Improve your golf game without breaking the bank.

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars to seek the distance to the pin?

NormGolf Co. offers 2 different models of rangefinders. Offering worldwide shipping.


Do you know how far you can hit your 7 iron? About 150 yards right? How about your driver? 225? Well, that’s great.

But, do you know how far it is to that bunker on the left? How about that pond on the right?

That is why you need a laser rangefinder.

You may have your 7 iron dialed in at 150, but unless you know the back of the bunker is 130 yards or 170 yards, that 7 iron might not be the club to use.

Norm Canadian Golf Laser Rangefinders
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Norm Golf Stealth Laser Range Finder

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The Stealth Laser Range Finder

$150.75 CDN | $119.99 USD

Introducing our high-quality, compact, easy-to-use golf laser range finder.
With the advanced infrared laser, you are able to pinpoint the accuracy of the device to 0.2 inches.
The Stealth Golf Laser Range Finder has the ability to measure up to 700 yards. This range finder uses a 6x magnification, locking in your distance has never been so easy.
The NORM LR series is battery-operated using 2 AAA batteries (not included). This multi-functioned range finder can measure in both yards and meters with a click of a button.
The NORM LR range finder conforms with all USGA regulations. It features an anti-fog mode and is tournament suitable.
Play with confidence!
Measuring unit: Meters and Yards
Battery: 2-AAA (Not included)
Magnification: 6X
Measurement Range: 700/Yd 600/M
Model: LR Series Laser Range finder  
All orders are covered under a 1-year warranty
Canadian Golf Laser Range Finder With Slope

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The LX7 Laser Range Finder
with Slope calculation and Jolt Lock

$188.50 CDN | $149.99 USD

The NormGolf LX7 Series Range Finder

The LX7 Laser Range Finder features an upgraded slope algorithm. It also features Jolt Lock (vibration) when the laser has locked in on the golf flag/pin.

What does the slope function do?

The slope function helps determine the exact yardage needed. Taking into account any elevation difference from the fairway to the green.

This golf range finder includes an integrated rechargeable internal battery.
With the ability to measure up to 700 yards. It also has a 6 times magnification. Assuring the most accurate and precise measurements.
The LX7 Laser Range Finder measures in both yards and meters and is covered under a 1-year warranty 
Measuring unit: Meters / Yards
Battery: Rechargeable
Magnification: 6X
Measurement Range: 700 Yards / 600 Meters
All orders are covered under a 1-year warranty

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