HKR Divot Repair Tool


HKR Repair Tool

Unless you are playing golf naked, you have no reason not to carry a repair tool … although there is a chain … so you might be able to carry it naked.

Either way, carrying the HKR Golf Repair Tool will give you an opportunity to fix that ball mark you left on the green.

The best thing about fixing ball marks on the green is the attention you can bring to yourself. Showing off to your golf partners that you actually hit the green and left a ball mark (even if it was your 6th shot). So when you walk up to the green and see your ball close to the pin, look back to where it landed and fix the ball mark!

Fixing your own ball mark and one other on the green will help keep the green flat for your putts to roll out.

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Silicone Rubber sheathed ball mark divot tool. Available in 5 colors:

  • Overcast Sky Grey
  • Sunburnt Orange
  • Sky Blue
  • Neon Golf Ball Green
  • "For my Wife" Pink

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Overcast Gray, Sky Blue, Sunburnt Orange, Neon Golf Ball Green, For My Wife Pink


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